An In-Depth Review of PrimeXBT

An In-Depth Review of PrimeXBT

There is plenty of competition between the cryptocurrency markets on top trading platforms. Cryptocurrency traders always want to maximize their chances of profiting from speculative assets. This means margin trading platforms, such as PrimeXBT, are getting ever more popular. PrimeXBT is…

Chinese ASIC maker launching own cryptocurrency exchange in 2021

BTC, ETH, XRP (14.10.20)

BTC/USDYesterday, due to the strong overheating of the market, buyers could not form a repeated bullish impulse. Sellers pushed the price of Bitcoin below the level of 50% fibo ( 1 1 3 9 4.15 U S D ), but a…

graphic of coin changes

Price Analysis of BTC, ETH, XRP (13.10.20)

Yesterday morning, pressure from the bears began to increase, and in the afternoon the price of Bitcoin already managed to pierce the support of 11200.00 USD.However, in the afternoon, after a re-test of a two-hour EMA55, the bulls seized the initiative…