DiDi, Meituan and Bilibili test payments in digital yuan

Three Chinese Internet giants – DiDi, Meituan and Bilibili – will join the testing of the digital yuan during the “free lottery,” which will be held on December 12 in Suzhou.
Transport company DiDi, food delivery app operator Meituan and streaming video platform Bilibili will join the digital yuan testing, which will be held December 12 in Suzhou. As part of the “free lottery,” the authorities plan to distribute digital yuan worth about $3 million to residents to pay for goods and services.
Winners of the Suzhou lottery will be able to spend digital yuan to pay for the order of DiDi cars or Meituan services if they decide to activate their digital wallets at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC). If you activate your wallet in Bank of China, you can spend digital yuan to pay for video content on Bilibili.

The goal of the second “free lottery,” which will be held at the Double 12 shopping festival, is to help citizens assess the convenience of the state cryptocurrency preparing for launch. Earlier in December, the Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com announced that it would take part in testing and become the first online platform to host the digital yuan.

Recall that in July, Meituan Dianping, a food delivery service, was already involved in testing the digital yuan. In the same month, the transport conglomerate DiDi formed a task force for the development and implementation of a test version of the cryptocurrency of the Central Bank of China on its platform.

Recently it was reported that, according to Vitalik Buterin, you need to pay more attention to the security of cryptocurrency wallets.

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