BTC coin grows amid covid news

The most popular cryptocurrency BTC coin and other cryptocurrencies increased on the positive news about the new coronavirus strain Omicron.

The value of BTC coin on Monday increased by more than 6% and exceeded $57,000 after a sharp decline on Friday, CNBC reported.

According to trading data, the other most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum also grew by 7% to $4.3 thousand.

“We are hearing news about the fact that the new variant is potentially weak, in terms of symptoms, so the market has quickly returned to the growth. Also reasonable investors, it seems, bought this failure, “- said the cryptoburgeon Luno expert Vijay Ayar.

World markets were collapsed by new strain of coronavirus

On the 26th of October, world markets collapsed due to the statement of the WHO about a new unsafe strain of coronavirus.

BTC crypto fell by over 20% to $54177 in just a few years compared to the historic record of nearly $69,000, which it reached at the beginning of the October. Ethereum fell by more than 11% to $4027 and XRP fell by 11% to close to 94 cents.

Earlier, the head of the East African Medical Association, Dr. Angelika Kutzy, who was the first to detect the Omicron coronavirus strain, described the symptoms associated with it as “extremely mild. According to her words, residents of PAR infected with the new strain have not yet shown any complications of the disease.

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