Verasity (VRA) — token with big growth potential

Michael van de Poppe discovered a token that has the potential to rise in price to historic highs. Trader Michael van de Poppet has discovered a promising altcoin that could rise in price by almost 150% in the near future. According to the analyst, at the moment, the Verasity token (VRA) has approached a strong support zone around $0.03. With a high probability, a rebound from this level will provoke a trend reversal and the return of the altcoin to growth, van de Poppe believes.

According to the trader’s forecast, after the reversal, the price of Verasity will be able to restore to a historical maximum of $0.086 (145% growth from the current levels) and then set a new maximum value.

On December 22, the Verasity token trades at $0.035. The altcoin rose nearly 5% in 24 hours and its capitalization rose to $160 million, according to CoinGecko.

Verasity is a decentralized video streaming platform that allows content creators to monetize their own ethers.

What Is Verasity (VRA)?

Founded on May 18, 2018, Verasity (VRA) is the next generation of video-sharing aimed at creating a fair system for creators to earn from their work, and advertisers to gain value for their ad spend.

According to Verasity’s whitepaper, it achieves this through its proof-of-value (PoV) protocol, product layers, and platform — a pro-gaming streaming platform that offers esports events like PUBG Mobile — which is the company’s most critical use case. The website combines all of Verasity’s goods onto a single platform that Verasity owns and controls. As the platforms’ user base grows, they give VRA rewards for viewing, subscribing, and winning.

Publishers on YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, JWPlayer, Brightcove, VideoJS, Kaltura, FlowPlayer, iVideoSmart, and other platforms were struggling to make money using, another Verasity offering. Advertisers are hesitant to spend as much money on current ad platforms such as Google and Facebook because they are unsure that humans are viewing all of their ads. The proof-of-view protocol layer technology developed by Verasity detects and eliminates fraud in real time. To determine if a movie is being watched by humans or bots, it employs over 200 touchpoints. Verasity also wants to apply its proof-of-view and data storage technology to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Verasity’s on-chain verification will increase the value of NFTs while also adding an extra degree of security to ownership claims.

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