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Austin Arnold, a trader, has identified three metaverse cryptocurrencies with significant near-term growth potential. The editorial board’s position may differ from those of the experts. Cryptocurrency is a risky investment that can result in financial losses.

The most promising tokens in the meta-currency industry, according to Trader Austin Arnold. Theta Network (THETA), Gaia Everworld (GAIA), and Star Atlas (ATLAS), in his opinion, might see substantial expansion in the near future.

The Theta Network

According to Arnold, the price of Theta Network token will rise as the metaverse industry rises in popularity. He describes the initiative as “serious infrastructure” for building meta-universes.

Theta Network token is now selling at $6.6 on November 22. In a month, the cryptocurrency has lost 1% of its value.

The Theta Network is a blockchain-based, decentralized video streaming network. Theta lets users watch videos and earn tokens in exchange for their time.

Everworld Gaia

A dealer told Theta that Gaia Everworld, a fantasy game, is gaining in popularity every day. He believes the idea has a good possibility of becoming one of the most popular game initiatives. Gaia Everworld is also supported by companies including Polygon, AU21 Capital, Bullperks, and EnjinStarter, according to Arnold.

The Gaia Everworld token is currently trading at $1.1 as of November 22. The altcoin’s price has increased by 73 percent in just two weeks.

Gaia Everworld is a fantasy blockchain game in which you must build your own kingdoms and battle other players for power.

Star Atlas

According to the analyst, the number of participants in Star Atlas is steadily increasing. Arnold revealed that the number of users on the Star Atlas Discord server recently topped 100,000. That, according to the trader, is a significant accomplishment for the nascent project.

The price of a Star Atlas token is $0.16 as of November 22. In a month, the altcoin’s value has increased by 88 percent.

The Solana blockchain and the Unreal Engine 5 gaming engine are used to create Star Atlas, a metaworld. In the metaverse, the internal token ATLAS is utilized as a medium of exchange for buying and selling NFT tokens.

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