OnlyFans star has created a crypto app “for adults”

A former nurse from the U.S. Boston, fired because of nude photos on the “adult” platform, is creating her own version of OnlyFans with cryptocurrency support. The woman claims that many of her viewers need such a feature.

According to Cointelegraph, she was prompted to this decision by the banning of pornographic content on Onlyfans. Because of this, she may have lost a sizable income.

The 37-year-old mother of three Ellie Ray made headlines in August 2021. This led to a huge influx of new subscribers, which helped the woman to earn more than $200,000 per month.

But just a week after her name went around the planet, under pressure from her banking partners, OnlyFans decided to ban “sexually explicit” content. That’s when the woman started looking for alternative platforms.

“I quickly realized that in the future they too could fall into the same trap. That’s when I found the answer – cryptocurrency,” she says.

The crypto app will support cryptocurrency and NFT

As a result, she assembled a team of 20 programmers and created a new “18+” category social network called WetSpace. She herself describes her project as a mix of OnlyFans and Instagram. The beta version of the app will be launched in February 2022.

The app will look like a news feed with online streaming capabilities, and later it will add support for NFT (non-exchangeable tokens), video chats, and various bonus features. The commission will be 15% of each payment, while Onlyfans will retain 20%.

The distinctive feature of the platform will be cryptocurrency payments. WetSpace models will be able to accept payments from subscribers in various stabelcoins, a stable cryptocurrency usually tied to regular money. This should help avoid the problem of high commissions.

Rae herself has invested in cryptocurrency, buying Dogecoin coins and experimenting with creating her own NFTs. The anonymity of these types of assets is ideal for users who can’t afford to have “adult services” mentioned on their bank statements.

“I get personal messages all the time saying, ‘Gosh, I wish I could join OnlyFans. But I can’t have my accountant seeing all these payments.” There’s a huge market that many authors can’t take advantage of,” she complains.

But colleagues warn Ellie Rae: It might not be that simple. For example, another porn model, Ellie Eve Knox, who has “checked in” on the blockchain platform Spankchain, attributes this to the age of the audience of visitors to “adult” sites.

“These are old people who are just going crazy. They have to go through the whole thing: creating a wallet, saving a seed phrase, buying cryptocurrency, moving it into a wallet. It’s not just ‘go out and buy porn in 15 minutes,'” she says.

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