Off The Chain Capital: Bitcoin implementation could reach 90% by 2030

Given the recent entry into the cryptocurrency market of large financial players, the question arises: how long will it take for corporations to place funds in Bitcoin as the norm? Off The Chain Capital founder Brian Estes believes it will take 1 0 years.

“I believe that in 2029-2 0 3 0, when 9 0% of American households use Bitcoin, it will become a stable part of the economy. And not only the US economy, but also the world economy, “said Estes.

Estes’ rationale is based on an analysis of the S-curve, which shows the speed and process of introducing new technologies:

“The time it takes for the new technology to move from 0% to 1 0% development is equal to the time it takes to transition from 1 0% to 9 0%.”

According to Estes, in 2019, 10% of US residents owned cryptocurrency assets, and at the beginning of 2009 this figure was zero:

“It took Bitcoin 10 Chain Capital years to get to the implementation level of 10%. According to the analysis of the S-curve, over the current decade, BTC should reach an implementation level of 9 0%. In light of the fact that 20 2 0 US citizens own cryptocurrencies in 1 5%, we are on the right track. And no more “if.” If you are in the implementation level range from 0 to 1 0%, you can still raise this question, but when the implementation level of the new technology reaches 1 0%, the only question remains “when.” “

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