Hackers stole NFT tokens from the Nifty Gateway marketplace

Attackers were able to steal thousands of dollars worth of non-interchangeable tokens NFT, but Nifty Gateway developers have not confirmed the hack.

Hackers stole NFT tokens from the Nifty Gateway marketplace

An online marketplace for non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs) called Nifty Gateway has been attacked by attackers. Vice reports this, citing victims of the attack.

Marketplace users are reporting tens of thousands of dollars worth of NFT tokens stolen. In some cases, thefts have exceeded hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars. Nifty Gateway admits to hijacking some of the accounts, but there is no evidence of hacking yet, the developers said.

“We have not seen any indication that the platform has been compromised,” marketplace officials said.

At the same time, Nifty Gateway noted that none of the victims used two-factor authentication. The stolen digital art tokens are reportedly being transferred to other Ethereum accounts and resold on Discord servers.

NFT Risks
Marketplaces for the sale of non-interchangeable tokens are increasingly becoming a lure for attackers because of the centralization of big money. Moreover, some startups have already raised questions about the legitimacy of the assets being sold.

NFT’s market capitalization, meanwhile, has surpassed the $8.3 billion mark, with no hint of the excitement fading in any way.

NFT tokens
Source: coingecko.com
Earlier, for example, the BeInCrypto editorial board reported that the Russian music group Pussy Riot sold a digital excerpt of a video clip for ₽13 million. Even earlier, Russian artist Pokras Lampas sold an NFT token to Chirkei HEP for ₽2 million.

However, even those numbers pale in comparison to the work of graphic designer Mike Winkelman, who sold a non-interchangeable collage token for $69 million.

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