January revenue of bitcoin miners exceeded $1 billion

At the end of January, the revenue of all those mining bitcoin reached $ 1 .09 billion, the second largest monthly figure since December 2017, when the No. 1 cryptocurrency first reached $2 0, 0 0 0. bitcoin miners managed to achieve this result even though the reward for each block found in the digital asset’s b l o c k c h a I n has halved since last May, from 12.5 to 6.25 B T C.

At the same time, the high demand for mining equipment has led to a certain shortage of such machines, resulting in the bitcoin hash rate now being slightly below its maximum value, 5 million Th/s less than on January 17, when the figure was at a record 155. 4 Th/s.

January revenue of bitcoin miners exceeded $1 billion
January revenue of bitcoin miners exceeded $1 billion

It is worth noting that the revenue of Ethereum miners at the end of January of this year also showed a record value of $ 8 0 0 million, which is higher than the previous maximum, which was fixed in 2018. At the same time, a significant share of the revenue of such miners, about 40% of all revenues, was received in the form of transaction fees ($311 million).

The share of transaction commissions in bitcoins for bitcoin miners of the cryptocurrency No. 1 is three times smaller. At the same time, the current average bitcoin transaction fee has now reached $ 1 7 . 2, being at its highest level since January 2018. The same figure for Ethereum is now $ 1 0 . 8 7 .

Bitcoin mining is attracting more and more investment, as quite a few experts believe that the No. 1 cryptocurrency’s price rise has yet to reach some kind of limit. For example, Eric Peters, head of One River Asset Management, said he believes bitcoin is “a severely undervalued asset.”

Recently it was reported that Dogecoin altcoin managed to double in value in 24 hours.

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