VFX artist Danila Krivoruchko put a thousand 3D NFT tokens up for sale

One thousand 3D virtual characters from the KSOIDS collection by the famous VFX artist Danila Krivoruchko are for sale on OpenSea. Part of the money will go to charity

VFX artist Danila Krivoruchko put a thousand 3D NFT tokens up for sale

Vintage characters for VFX 400 USDC

The founder of the Brooklyn-based studio Myshli VFX artist, motion designer and filmmaker Danila Krivoruchko has created his own collection of 3D characters, which he has called KSOIDS. New NFT tokens are vintage characters of different shapes and colors, reminiscent of Disney cartoon characters.

The collection of xoids

“Xoids,” generative 3D characters, Danil invented in 2013 along with his wife Victoria right after moving to New York. By the standards of digital art, the Xoids are a real vintage. There are a total of 1,000 in the collection and each one is as unique as its future owner.

It is assumed that these cute creatures can not only prove to be a worthwhile investment, but also help the wildlife. Danil and Victoria plan to donate 20% of every sale of Xoids to the Orangutan Outreach Charity Fund. The fund aims to rehabilitate orangutans that have been kept in captivity as pets. The fund helps them return to their habitual way of life in the wild. These higher primates are considered endangered.

“NFTs leave behind a noticeable carbon footprint: a large amount of electricity is used to create the tokens, which has already drawn much criticism around the world. In order to neutralize the negative effects of NFTs on the environment, a portion of the proceeds from all KSOIDS transactions will go to 350.org, an organization dedicated to fighting climate change. 350.org shares Myshli’s commitment to transparency: ETH cryptocurrency is accepted as donations – anyone can trace the path of each donated token,” the company said in a statement.

Xoids can already be bought on the Opensea platform for 400 USDC or 0.16 ETH each.

Charities are actively using NFT for crowdfunding

Note that this is not the first time that the proceeds from the sale of NFT tokens have been used for charitable purposes. Recall that one of the first benefactors was the famous artist Beeple, who auctioned off another work tokenized in NFT. The money raised will go to charity.

The “carbon neutral” NFT token is up for auction on the Nifty Gateway Marketplace. The money raised from the sale of this work will be given to the non-profit charity, Open Earth Foundation. In addition, seven NFT works by other artists were auctioned at the same auction as part of the Carbon Drop initiative. All of them are also dedicated to the theme of environmental protection.

Contemporary artists working in the Otis & Woods tandem have produced an author’s collection of cryptobabies in the format of NFT tokens. More than 20 tokens are up for sale on the Opensea platform, and the funds raised will be donated to charity, namely to protect bulldogs. A total of 520 NFT tokens will be issued as part of this collection, which will also be put up for sale in the future.

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