Trumpwin or Trumplose – which token put on? – “The big game” on the markets in the background of the presidential elections in the U.S. has not left behind crypto assets.
The token Trumpwin (“Trumpwin wins”), which was expensive at the beginning of the vote, went down and lost the lion’s share of its value. As RBC writes, the token price fell from over $0.8 to $0.14. However, as the publication notes, buying it now, you can earn more than 6 0 0% of profit, if Trump still manages to break through his way to the White House – it will cause the price of the coin to rise to $1.

True, the hope for this is becoming more and more ghostly as Democrat candidate Joe Biden has taken the lead. According to CNN, he now has 253 votes of electors, if necessary, to gain 270, while the incumbent president has 213 votes. According to CNN, it is enough for Biden to win in Pennsylvania to get the required number of votes.

Therefore, when betting on Trumpwin there is a risk to lose all investments.
But there is another bet for gamblers – Trumplose (“Trumpwin loses”). In the morning this token cost $0.84, having risen almost 240% since last night. If Biden becomes president, the price will go up to $1; if he loses, it will go down to $0.

Both tokens were released by the FTX exchange in August this year. They are traded on the platform itself, as well as on the exchanges Poloniex and C2CX, reminds the edition.

It seems that Biden is also bet on Bitcoin – a day its rate rose by 6.81% and continues to update the two-year highs, reaching $ 14.85 thousand. Analysts do not rule out further growth BTC – up to $ 1 5 thousand, but warn of high volatility in the market.

Recently it was reported that Ilon Mask name was used by a scammer.

Trumpwin or Trumplose - which token put on?
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