Ilon Mask name used by scammer

Fraudsters again used the name of Ilon Mask to promote the cryptovoltaic skum. From a verified Twitter account allegedly belonging to the head of Tesla and SpaceX, they announced a “reward distribution” under the tweet of Donald Trump.
Under the tweet of the current U.S. president, dedicated to the ongoing elections in the country, the scammers said that “everything is decided” and proposed to “celebrate”.

When going to the site, users saw a fake page with the announcement of an allegedly special handout for “all fans of cryptology” from Tesla.

To get the promised reward, fraudsters offered to send a small number of bitcoins and Ethereum on their wallets.

The stolen verified account, which hackers subsequently renamed, belonged to the head of Business Chicks Emma Isaacs .

At the time of writing, it is again registered under her name.

Previously, the attackers had already used the name Mask to promote the “10,000 VTS distribution.

In 2018, the head of Tesla suggested that the creator of Dogecoin cryptographic fraud Jackson Palmer to come up with a way to combat cryptographic fraud on Twitter, and in early 2020 said that the level of cryptoscam in the social network “reaches new heights.

In July 2020, hackers broke into the Twitter account of the Ilon Mask and many other famous people and posted messages about the 5000 BTC fairy distribution.

Recently it was reported that crypt currency in RF under threat.

Ilon Mask name used by scammers
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