The best crypto wallets in 2022

There are enough types of crypto wallets. It is difficult to say which one is the best. However, the choice should depend on preferences and goals.

Hardware crypto wallets

Ledger Nano-X. The company has been operating since 2014. This is the most popular model, with a lot of memory and an enlarged display. The accumulator can work up to 8 hours. It looks like a flash drive. Working with this crypto wallet can be done from the phone too. Full setup and connection takes relatively little time. Approximately about half an hour. Be sure to ensure your safety by clicking on the security button.

The program has a high percentage of security. You can connect via Bluetooth. The possibility of payment by crypt is enabled.

The only drawbacks are that the program may hang. As well as the fact that each coin requires the installation of an application.

Trezor Model T. One of the main competitors of the previous company. Connects to the computer. High security, due to the fact that any manipulation with cryptocurrency is impossible without interaction with the crypto wallet.

There is no need to download special applications for storing assets. There is a connection to hot wallets.

One of the disadvantages is that there is a possibility of hacking the device, since it was hacked earlier. The price is quite high, about €249. There is no mobile version.

Software crypto wallets

Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin crypto wallet. You can fully control the commissions. A high percentage of security. However, a sufficiently high Internet speed is required. There is also no mobile version.

Electrum. Also a bitcoin wallet. The work of which began in 2011. High security. A mobile version is available. A notification about new transactions arrives. However, it is only available for bitcoin. The functions are limited. Applications for the mobile version are incomplete.

Mobile and browser wallets

Metamask. One of the most frequently used crypto wallets. The application is quite convenient. It can be combined with a hardware wallet. You can pay via bank card.

It works exclusively with EVM-combined networks. The mobile version works exclusively for one wallet.

Trust Wallet. Works only in the mobile version. It is also quite a popular crypto wallet. Supports different networks. There is a cryptocurrency exchange. Welcomes NFT.

Samourai. Works only in the mobile version. High confidentiality of personal data. It includes enough functions for convenient management. Access is available only on Android. Just like many others, it works only with bitcoin. And there is also an offline mode function. It is more suitable for those who prioritize anonymity.

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