Retailer eBay to open NFT tokenization options

eBay has announced a timeline for the launch of new trading options with digital collections.

Online commerce giant eBay is ready to open up the ability to buy and sell NFT-grade tokens. Those eBay users who pass full verification will be allowed to participate in transactions with such digital assets.

As a reminder, head Jamie Iannone previously said in an interview with CNBC America that the company is considering integrating the financial potential of cryptocurrencies into its services, with eBay officially specifying that:

“We are always focused on including the most appropriate forms of payments and will continue to evaluate the situation along those lines. We don’t have any specific plans at this time, but this [cryptocurrency] is something that we are watching and studying closely.”

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Recall that three years ago, in December 2017, eBay senior vice president Scott Cutler said the company was “seriously considering” integrating bitcoin into its ecosystem.

Meanwhile, the issue of NFT converting to eBay is apparently a matter of principle. According to Jordan Sweetman, eBay’s senior vice president and head of the organization’s North American marketplace, “eBay will be adding new features in the coming months that will bring blockchain-based digital collections to our platform.”

Meanwhile, pilot auctions for NFT tokens will begin May 11, as also reported in the media. All payments in these auctions are in U.S. dollars. Most of the NFT tokens currently available for trading are based on the WAX blockchain, so sellers of such assets assume that buyers of such NFTs will open a WAX digital wallet to receive NFTs issued on that blockchain.

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