Btt token and all about it

The btt project made a lot of noise in the crypto community. In a quarter of hours ICO-campaigns have sold 60,000,000 Btt token, the equivalent of $7,000,000. It’s just a great start. However, critical reviews quickly knocked down the wave of enthusiasm, and many investors wondered if bittorrent is really a good investment. Let’s try to deal with it, too.

Description of btt token

Digital bittorrent coins have been released to combine a tracker with a blockbuster. Siders standing on the handout receive a reward in the crypt currency. No need to buy special equipment or contract for btt mining in the cloud. Give away your favorite series or book on a torrent tracker and get paid for it. This prospect will attract those who did not dare to start a cryptographic business, but regularly used bittorrent. This is what the employees of the Blockchain network were counting on. In addition, billions of coins were distributed during the erdrops.

This approach is quite justified, because the prospects of this project depend primarily on marketers. In order to push the btt rate upwards, it is necessary to constantly attract new clients. It should be noted that in Western countries, more and more people prefer to buy licensed products rather than download files on the tracker. In the former CIS, the situation is slightly different. From the technical point of view, btt is a TRC-10 token based on the Tron cryptographic network. This virtual coin is designed to improve the BitTorrent protocol, which has remained unchanged for 18 years since its launch.

Advantages and disadvantages of btt token

What can be said about advantages of the modified BitTorrent project.

  • After inclusion of btt crypt-currency into the system, the bandwidth has increased, because users have additional motivation to participate in handouts.
  • Token has attracted the attention of dApps developers, now they can earn money by releasing applications based on the BitTorrent platform.
  • Creators of original content can sell it for cryptographic currency via BitTorrent services.
  • When Justin Sun achieves all that has been planned, there will be hundreds of millions of torrent clients with built-in BTT and TRON wallets, and thus the situation in the crypto market in general will improve.

Critics, however, are not dozing off. They say:

  • For many digital coins still remain a dark horse and its implementation will not be able to radically improve the network.
  • Doubts have been raised about the scalability of the TRON ecosystem, as the speed of transaction processing depends on it.
  • Torrent trackers do not like politics and business because of copyright infringements on a particular product. An all-out war on pirated content will cancel out all bittorrent perspectives and affect the token’s course.
  • Many claim that BitTorrent coins are mainly interested in cryptotraders, not torrent users, and should be quite the opposite. Although it is not clear why the same person can not stand on the distribution of torrents and at the same time to trade on the exchange.

Recently it was reported that DeFi Value lost $6 million of crypto.

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