British comedian sells drawing of Brooklyn Bridge for 20 ETN

British comedian John Cleese decided to mock the NFT hysteria that has gripped the world and auctioned an iPad drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge as an NFT token for 20 NTN.

British comedian sells drawing of Brooklyn Bridge for 20 ETN
British comedian sells drawing of Brooklyn Bridge for 20 ETN

Drawing on a tablet for 20 U.T.N.
British comedian John Cleese has decided to laugh at the fans of the NFT-industry and put up for sale a drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge, which he drew himself. Now this “masterpiece” made on an ordinary tablet by an “unknown artist” can be bought as an NFT-token. The author himself set the starting price at $100 or offers to buy the token at $69 million.

In his video for the NFT token announcement, the comedian explains that today the cryptocurrency world has been shaken by the NFT epidemic, so he too decided to join the general madness and put up for sale a drawing made on a tablet. You can buy the NFT token on the Opensea platform, and the current price of this creation is already 20 ETN.

NFT token on the Opensea platform
Twitter users appreciated the comedian’s joke and offered to buy the picture for the drawn bitcoins instead of real ones.

NFT market capitalization exceeded $7 billion
According to analytical resource CoinGecko, the capitalization of the NFT market has already exceeded $7 billion. The top five most popular NFT token issuers are Enjin, Decentraland, Flow, SAND and WAX. The daily trading volume of NFT tokens exceeds $1.5 billion.

This rapid growth of the NFT-tokens market couldn’t help but attract the attention of regulatory agencies. SEC Director of Corporate Finance William H. Hinman assures that some NFT tokens “with some consumer value” can indeed be treated as securities.

“If NFTs are sold to the general public with the promise of instant liquidity or return, they would be more like a speculative investment than a digital collectible and would be treated as a security,” said an SEC spokesman.

Recall that the most expensive NFT token was the cryptocurrency Dragon, which was sold for a record 600 ETN, which at the current price of cryptocurrency exceeds $1 million.

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