Blockchain – or weapon against corruption

David Robinson, regional advisor to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, believes that a blockchain can be an excellent tool in fight with corruption.

David Robinson (David Robinson) said that solutions based on the blocade will help fight not only corruption, but also other economic crime. The blockchain will ensure full traceability of transactions, prevent alteration of already recorded data and protect documents from forgery, which is only a small list of problems that can be solved by the blockchain.

According to Robinson, because of corruption, society stops trusting the state, and a blocchoice can be an important tool to increase trust in government. In particular, he mentioned Kenya – due to the lack of effective ways to combat bribery and the inability to track cases of corruption, the country loses annually from 4 billion to $6 billion of its budget.

Many countries are already considering blockades to monitor transactions transparently and reduce the likelihood of bribes

Blockchain in Europe | Hacker Noon

For example, according to a recent report from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, using of blockchains and big data technology it`s opportunity to securely exchange information. Even keep records of births and deaths, and record vehicle registrations.

The Peruvian government and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) are also ready to use the blockchain to create a transparent system of contract procurement. That will protected from data manipulation, unauthorized access and fraud.

This summer, the World Economic Forum (WEF), together with the Colombian government, began testing the Etherium-based project to increase transparency in public processes and prevent corrupt practices. In addition, the WEF concluded that blockbusters can save billions of dollars by increasing the efficiency of supply chains.

Now it’s time to see how the Blockchain will affect the world of cryptovoltaic currency, as well as whether it will improve the social and economic life of many countries, or, changes will not happen…

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