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Trumpwin or Trumplose – which token put on?

Donald Trump fears for the fate of the U.S. dollar because of cryptocurrencies

Investing.com – “The big game” on the markets in the background of the presidential elections in the U.S. has not left behind crypto assets.The token Trumpwin (“Trumpwin wins”), which was expensive at the beginning of the vote, went down and…

Ilon Mask name used by scammer

Ilon Mask name used by scammers

Fraudsters again used the name of Ilon Mask to promote the cryptovoltaic skum. From a verified Twitter account allegedly belonging to the head of Tesla and SpaceX, they announced a “reward distribution” under the tweet of Donald Trump.Under the tweet…

crypt currency in RF under threat

crypt currency in RF under threat

Holders of crypt currency wallets and accounts on bitcoin exchanges could potentially fall under the control of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation (FTS) due to proposed amendments to the law “On currency regulation and currency control”. On…

Blockchain – or weapon against corruption

Blockchain - or weapon against corruption

David Robinson, regional advisor to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, believes that a blockchain can be an excellent tool in fight with corruption. David Robinson (David Robinson) said that solutions based on the blocade will help fight not…