Bitfinex exchange has created a social network for traders


Bitfinex cryptocurrency platform launched a social network for traders. At Pulse, everyone who sells Bitcoin will be able to discuss issues of interest to them, upload their own graphics, materials, pictures, memes and much more.

The first social network for traders

“Our project, called Bitfinex Pulse, was originally designed to enable traders to interact with each other. All the work of the exchange is built on them, as a result of which such a layer of specialists requires their own resource for communication. It would be possible to limit ourselves to instant messengers, but they do not have such an interactive interface and flexible capabilities, ”Bitfinex said.

A similar platform was previously launched by eToro, but its administration gave the reins to the users themselves. Because of this, the network now almost completely lacks quality thematic content. Bitfinex will focus on niche high-quality material for a technically experienced audience. The developers and network administrators have promised that they will regularly conduct various podcasts and try to rally all traders and teach them how to interact.

A feature of Bitfinex Pulse is its attention to all publications. Only verified users with real names and surnames can leave them on the walls of other users. This will reduce the number of scammers and simple network trolls. The rest can only communicate with each other through private messages and share likes.

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