Tim Draper once again confirmed his forecast that Bitcoin will skyrocket to $ 250,000


Tim Draper once again said that he considers the rise of Bitcoin to 250 thousand dollars almost inevitable. According to the financier, the deciding factor in this case should be halving.

Draper again announces the rise of Bitcoin to 250 thousand dollars

“A new historic high is expected by 2022. Perhaps this will happen faster, but you need to prepare for possible leaps. Inexperienced traders and investors will be frightened off by a slight increase in volatility, as a result of which only extremely strong players will remain in the industry, able to raise it to new heights, ”said Draper during a recent online conference.

According to the expert, Bitcoin will reach the level of 20 thousand dollars, which was first taken in 2017, in the near future. It is possible that this will happen immediately after the main coin halving. If the barrier passes, then the systematic growth of bitcoin will begin, which will drag along the entire cryptocurrency market. Draper emphasized that the interest of state-owned banks in digital assets is increasing every year. Earlier, he called on a number of countries, including Argentina, to make Bitcoin a national currency, which would allow stabilizing the economy in a matter of days.

“If several large states accept cryptocurrencies and put them into circulation, the fiat will gradually fade away. The US government, which periodically simply turns on the printing press, is simply depreciating the dollar. Such factors are forcing investors to move into the digital asset industry, with a future for them, ”said Draper.

Similar thoughts, but in a more mundane form, were previously expressed by Mike Novograts. According to him, before halving, bitcoin can rise to 10 thousand dollars, but immediately after the separation, it will enter the active phase of growth. Now the main coin has practically no correlation with the fiat and the stock market, which is why it is protected from the crisis against the background of the coronavirus. Only internal factors can affect its value. According to Novograts, the second half of 2020 will put everything in its place and point to the path of further development of the cryptocurrency industry.

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