Cryptotag Zeus Bulletproof Titanium Crypto Hardware Wallet


Securely storing your private wallet key is possible in a lot of ways and we are seeing new and cool ways to do that all the time. Cryptotag’s Zeus titanium crypto wallet for offline storage of private keys is just one of these examples. It is a 6mm thick bulletproof Titanium plate where you engrave your recovery seed making it practically indestructible even in extreme conditions such as a fire or a flood that can easily destroy paper wallet backups for example. Cryptotag’s Zeus crypto wallets are designed to last a lifetime being corrosion resistant, pressure resistant, heat resistant up to 3050°F / 1677℃, impact resistant bullet proof and hacker proof.

With Zeus the backup words of he private key must be stamped in titanium using the components that are included in the package. First you need to write down your recovery words on the included Conversion Sheet, then you find the correlating numbers in the BIP39 word list (every word has a short 4-number code), then write down the numbers on the Conversion Sheet and in the end punch the numbers in the CRYPTOTAG Plates. BIP39 is the open-source industry standard used by cryptocurrency wallets since it is easier to write just 4 numbers per word instead of many words with different length. Cryptotag is a Dutch company and they are shipping their wallets from Europe, the price is 99 EUR or around $110 USD.


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